Pixel 6, Pixel 5a can use Google’s new “Whitechapel” chip

Google Pixel 6 2021 Phone Concept Image

The Pixel 6 has already been mentioned. That’s been expected since Google started working on the Pixel 6. Before the next-gen Google Pixel phone, the Pixel 5a still exists. Both models can be similar in many ways, starting with moving the selfie camera to the center of the front screen. More details will be leaked, as usual, before the official announcement of the Pixel 5a sometime in May or the Pixel 6 in October or maybe even earlier.

The Pixel 6 is said to not use a Snapdragon mobile processor, but rather a Whitechapel chip also known as early as “GS101”. This could be that new investment, according to the tech giant’s CEO Sundar Pichai during an earlier earnings call. He also mentioned something about a new roadmap for 2021, as the company has started investing more in hardware.

Google is believed be working on your own chip. The project known as “Whitechapel” is one of Google’s many steps to create its own SoC that can be used in future Chromebook and Pixel smartphones. It could be a possible rival for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors.

There is no official confirmation or announcement yet, but Google is believed to be working with Samsung on this project. The “Whitechapel” could be co-developed by the two. This move will be similar to Apple introducing its own processors for Mac and iPhone.

Will the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 work with Whitechapel? That is a welcome possibility. There were some references to a “Raven” and an “Oriole” which we believe to be the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6.

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