Pikmin AR app details appear, users in Singapore can try it now

Not many days ago, Nintendo and Niantic announced their partnership for an augmented reality Pikmin game, similar to the popular Pokémon Go. As speculated, more details are coming in on the long-awaited AR game; the last one is the test season in Singapore. According to firm rumors, the game will be called the Pikmin App and some of the features in the initial phase may not be in the final stable version of the app.

Things like the inclusion of microtransactions and points of interest (POI) are sure to make it to the stable version, as it is released. As for the gameplay, there will be dormant seedlings that you have to search, pluck and cultivate with the smartphone as your tool to locate them in the AR environment.

The walking action will increase your energy bar that can be used to collect Pikmin. As a safe bet, the POI in the game is likely to be said to be something like Ingress Portals, rather than similar to PokéStops from Pokémon Go.

Adult Pikmin added to a squad will collect fruit for nectar, which will be used to bloom leaves, buds, and grow more flowers or petals. These colored petals are vital for Pikmin that also have a life meter that needs to be preserved.

Game modes include Expedition mode in which collected Pikmin can be deployed to previous locations to collect fruits and postcards from real-world locations sent by Pokémon Go and Ingress players. Flower planting can be done alone or cooperatively with friends.

Players can monitor their progress by going to the Lifelong section, where they will have access to stats, photos, and recordings. What has come up so far looks interesting, and when the app finally launches later this year, it will be interesting to see what new elements there are. For now, players in Singapore you can get first-hand experience by jumping to the pre-registration website immediately.

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