Periscope says goodbye for good, the application is no longer available

Periscope ends

Twitter and Periscope have always been associated with each other. We remember the first time the Periscope live streaming app was available on Android. It was almost six years ago and it soon had rivals like Meerkat, YouTube Live Broadcast, YouTube Connect, and Facebook Live. It has also received a number of major updates such as landscape format live stream videos, global maps, skip replays, zoom tool. There was also that beta feature that allowed people to draw on live streams.

Periscope now allows you to save your live stream videos, save live streams, and watch drone videos. You can also save your video streams automatically.

Twitter has added a live broadcast Periscope button for everyone. More updates have been made like highlights, embeds, autoplay features, 360 live video feature, activity tab, and a better analytics dashboard.

Just before the year 2020 ended, we heard the news that Twitter is officially shutting down the Periscope app. The Periscope app now says goodbye entirely. The application will only be available until today, April 1.

Then Periscope It will go away, but don’t worry, you can still do live broadcasts on Twitter. Now there is the Twitter Live feature within the mobile app. Twitter Help indicated, “Links from previous public broadcasts will continue to be available, and broadcasters can download their previous broadcasts on the Periscope website.”

So it’s final and official, goodbye Periscope.

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