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Pedro Mier: “The key is to be not only users of the digitization process, but also actors” | Technology

 Pedro Mier:

The next few years will be marked by the arrival of the European Covid 19 Next Generation EU Recovery Fund from the Union that will have to finance the projects that contribute to the reactivation and especially the digitization of the Spanish economy. Some analysts even speak of a “founding moment”, such as the one that occurred with the entry of Spain into the European Union. We talked about it with Pedro Mier, president of Ametic.

Question. In the field of digitization, what are we at stake as a country with the correct management and use of these funds?

Answer. The digitization of society and the economy is unstoppable. It is happening and it will continue in an accelerated way in the coming years and it will become an unstoppable transforming vector that will mark our society. In this environment, the key is to be not only users of the digitization process, which will happen in any case, but also actors capable of developing industry, products and services and thus generating new opportunities and quality jobs associated with the creation process. and innovation.

P. What type of projects should Spain focus on in order to achieve the objectives of creating quality employment and contributing to the reactivation of the economy, what criteria should prevail in the distribution and what could be those driving forces or specific sectors?

R. I believe that the creation (or maintenance) of quality employment, sustainable in the long term should be the main criteria for selecting projects and investments. This means prioritizing those projects that target sectors and markets with the future and with a future, and fully supporting innovation processes and initiatives. For this, it is also very important to prepare, recycle and train professionals with the necessary skills.

Regarding the typology of companies and strategic projects, I believe that large strategic projects and the participation of SMEs are not incompatible. Small and medium-sized companies, which make up the majority of the Spanish business fabric, cannot be left out of the projects, which in turn need to be important enough to be true levers of economic transformation.

From AMETIC we have proposed what we have called Tractor Macroprojects (MPT), which in fact were conceived as Transforming Strategic Actions of key economic sectors for our country and which have been included in the Spain Can Plan and in the 2025 Digital Agenda. The MPTs should act as an umbrella to focus all projects, whatever their size, towards major Sector Transformation objectives. The list is open, although the first that we have proposed due to their importance in our country have been the digitization of health, sustainable mobility, the digitization of the agri-food system, the digitization of tourism and the digitization of sport.

P. What are the mistakes that we should not make in the process of executing these funds to prevent what seems like a huge opportunity from turning into a big fiasco?

R. In our understanding, the critical point is execution and its control and management. We need clear objectives and a governance system for large projects that incorporates highly experienced people in managing large projects, from the public and private spheres, but in all cases with a clear business orientation to management and achievement of objectives. Open and constructive public-private collaboration will be the determining factor for success.

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