OPPO X 2021 rollable smartphone practical videos appear

Foldable phones are popular with users who want their smartphones to change the screen size at will. OPPO doesn’t have a foldable phone on the market and the company has no plans to launch one either. The Chinese OEM is stepping up to introduce customers to a rollable phone, a concept LG has also been trying to come up with. Although we know quite a bit about the long-awaited OPPO X 2021, unveiled in November last year at INNO Day 2020, some YouTubers in Europe have gotten their hands on the device, suggesting that the roll-up phone could be a reality soon.

Probably the first scrolling screen smartphone, OPPO X 2021, can grow from a 6.7-inch screen size to 7.4 inches. The rolling screen expands when you slide your finger over the touch-sensitive power button on the side, and closes to normal smartphone size when you repeat your finger slide.

The phone was recently revealed in all its glory by French YouTuber Brandon Le Proktor. It was also shown by the German YouTube channel. AllRoundPC, which shows how the phone looks in hand, how it opens and closes along with a quick look at the back panel of the phone with the camera module and USB-C charging port at the bottom.

The phone that OPPO says uses its patented Roll Motor powertrain – essentially two drive motors – in the smartphone that work with constant force to allow it to move forward and backward smoothly. There are no wrinkles on the screen thanks to the Wrap Track lamination under the screen.

According to Newshub in New Zealand, which also played with the OPPO X 2021, the phone is tested to withstand more than 100,000 rolls back and forth and that touch controls can work even when the screen is moving. By the specifications that we know, the OPPO X 2021 will have a resolution of 1,785 x 2,592 pixels and will come with a 48-megapixel main shooter.

The OPPO phone is still a prototype, but since the company is allowing industry experts to practice the device, there is an indication that the roll-up phone could be upon us before we can even imagine it. By any hypothetical guess, this could be before the end of the year, as the phone has 2021 in its name.

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