OPPO and OnePlus R&D teams join forces

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Some people may have forgotten this information because OnePlus is majority owned by OPPO. The two Chinese brands have worked independently in recent years, but may soon join forces. No, they will not merge into one brand, but the R&D groups of both companies are said to have already joined forces. The departments of the two groups are believed to have been merged into one group, so research and development efforts will no longer be conducted separately.

Neither OPPO nor OnePlus have made an announcement or sent a confirmation. If he report it is true, then the merger will be good for both brands. More resources and knowledge can be shared. The partnership is something that Xiaomi and Redmi have. OPPO and OnePlus could well learn from their rivals.

At the moment, OPPO has OnePlus and Realme under its wings. The sub-brands are relatively independent from each other, but a joint R&D effort can be good for everyone.

R&D efforts from OPPO and OnePlus

OnePlus and OPPO have always been prolific when it comes to the mobile market, but the market is becoming more saturated these days. Both companies should rethink their business and marketing strategies if they want to stay in the game. And yes, OnePlus needs to live its ‘Never Settle’ principle again.

We know that OPPO has gotten more aggressive in the past year, especially with the introduction of the OPPO X 2021 roll-up phone. That will remain a concept though, and won’t enter the commercial market, but it certainly has potential.

We’re also waiting for that OPPO phone prototype spotted with an under-display camera, the OPPO Find X3, and that new concept of phone known as an Oppo x Tom Ford slider smartphone. We doubt that OPPO’s music link and slider phone concept design will transform into reality.

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