OnePlus Watch design sketches reveal two variants

OnePlus watch

The OnePlus Watch has yet to be announced. We know that the Chinese OEM is working on a smartwatch. The OnePlus Band fitness tracker was introduced in January, but that’s different. OnePlus fans are still waiting for a real smartwatch as Pete Lau shows and confirms. The wearable device will be unveiled this year and it looks like it’s about to happen. The first sketches of the OnePlus Watch have been sighted. Note that these are different from the ones Carl Pei first tweeted in 2016.

The images we have somehow demonstrate that a OnePlus watch is at work. These sketches have been submitted for approval to the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO / DPMA). If you recall, something related was seen on IMDA last year.

The OnePlus Watch sketches are official, but they do not mean that the design is final. They are still useful as they give us a hint of what to expect. OnePlus is saying having submitted two designs. One is sporty while the other looks like a normal smartwatch.

OnePlus watch design

The OnePlus Watch will feature a round watch, like most smartwatches on the market today. We can see a model with a ribbed bracelet, two buttons on the side, four sensors on the back and two charging pins. The other design has almost the same features but with a different bracelet.

OnePlus Normal Watch

Notice the clip on the smartwatch bracelet above. We assume this is the “normal” watch. We hope to confirm everything we know next month after it was postponed.

OnePlus is rumored to launch the new wearable in March alongside the OnePlus 9 series. However, it may not run on WearOS, so let’s wait and see.

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