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OnePlus responds to app throttling accusation

OnePlus Statement OnePlus 9 App Throttling

Oneplus Statement Oneplus 9 App Limitation

Yesterday, many people in the tech industry found out about the OnePlus app limitation. The practice has been discovered and later reported by Anandtech. As a result, Geekbench, a popular smartphone benchmark tool, has removed both the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro from its Android benchmark table. The limitation of the application is a problem that is frowned upon. It is not mentioned often, but should be informed so that consumers know what they are getting from a product. The new OnePlus 9 phones were found to prevent some apps from reaching their full potential.

Strangulation is a serious problem. We can’t say it’s really a crime, but it could be one day. People just need to be aware of what is happening. The good thing is that there are groups that check and take note of these things.

Strange application behavior has been discovered when running benchmarks. XDA has also weighed in on the issue. The simple community confirmed that the problem is present in their units and the OnePlus 9 scores low compared to other phones.

OnePlus already sent a statement. Read below:

“Our top priority is always to provide a great user experience with our products, based in part on acting quickly on meaningful user feedback. Following the launch of the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro in March, some users told us about some areas where we could improve device battery life and heat management. As a result of these feedback, our R&D team has been working for the past few months to optimize device performance when using many of the most popular applications, including Chrome, by matching the application’s processor requirements to the more suitable power. This has helped provide a smooth experience while reducing power consumption. While this may affect device performance in some benchmarking applications, our focus, as always, is to do what we can to improve device performance for our users. “

The OnePlus team didn’t really admit the limitation, but did acknowledge that there may be some app performance impact on some benchmarking apps. OnePlus is said to be already working on areas that will improve the battery life and heat management of the OnePlus 9 series.