Home Technology News OnePlus Pad brand registered, included in the EUIPO database

OnePlus Pad brand registered, included in the EUIPO database

OnePlus Pad OnePlus Tablet Concept Image

Oneplus Pad Oneplus Tablet Concept Image

Will OnePlus launch its own tablet? That seems like a possibility, as a related brand was recently discovered on the EUIPO website. A OnePlus tablet could be on the way if the Chinese OEM decides to continue production. OnePlus doesn’t really settle, so we won’t be surprised that it introduces a new product line in addition to smartphones and headphones. The Chinese OEM has also ventured into the smart TV game and recently into the smartwatch business.

So what’s next from OnePlus? Possibly this OnePlus pad. It may not be the final and official name, but the idea of ​​a OnePlus tablet can be exciting. OnePlus knows the tech industry and always features products that really work and sell.

European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) liza a new device. Product design, screen size, and performance details have been released. Besides OnePlus, other Chinese brands like Vivo and Realme are working on their own tablets.

It looks like the tablet category will get a boost soon. In some ways, this is expected as tablet sales have been growing, especially in this pandemic. There will be a Realme tablet, while Vivo has also applied for a trademark on the EUIPO website.

Euipo Trademark Of Oneplus Pad

The OnePlus Pad is something to look forward to. We want to know if it will be a mid-range or premium tablet. We assume it will run on OxygenOS and maybe ColorOS 11 for the global version.