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OnePlus Nord 2’s OxygenOS based on Android 11, ColorOS

OxygenOS OxygenOS based on ColorOS

Oxygenos Oxygenos Based On Coloros

More than a month ago, OnePlus and OPPO further integrated their businesses. The move was somewhat expected as this year started with the R&D teams of the two joining forces. It meant that the two brands would share resources but continue to work independently. We noted that OnePlus would continue to use OxygenOS and OPPO would keep ColorOS. But there have also been talks, the two would merge even more. OxygenOS and ColorOS together is possible and the changes may not be noticeable.

The OnePlus Nord 2 was recently announced. It still runs on OxygenOS based on Android 11. What’s more interesting is that it is also settled down in Color OS 11.3 according to source if the Nord2 is the first ColorOS OnePlus phone with an OOS skin.

OnePlus has not made an official announcement or confirmation regarding the matter, but we recall that the document that appears to be frequently asked questions and answers was given to OnePlus employees last month. The memo began with a note that questions about the operating system or ColorOS should be ignored in the future.

Several people say that the OxygenOS 11.3 running on the new OnePlus Nord 2 is actually based on Oppo’s ColorOS. Updates are minimal and many of us may not realize it. OxygenOS on top of OPPO ColorOS is a good decision. As it is now, it seems to work without a problem.

OnePlus and OPPO have been connected since the beginning of the never-installing Chinese OEM. In reality, both brands do not conform. OPPO switched to ColorOS from HydrogenOS for the Chinese variants. Now OnePlus is using a better OxygenOS as a result of the official merger.