OnePlus game triggers with tactile feedback will enhance your game

OnePlus has finally released the long-awaited game activators and they are now available in India. The OnePlus Gaming Triggers (as they are called) were teased for the first time at the launch of the company’s new flagship and have since been a visual draw that attracts all phone gamers. What’s most appealing here, according to CEO Pete Lau, this is a “solid, responsive, and click-friendly” accessory that will be compatible with other than the company’s phones.

Gaming Triggers are physical clip-on buttons that function as shoulder triggers to allow smartphone gamers on both Android and iOS to experience the convenience of a console on the phone. For the convenience of all types of users, these triggers can be used on both the left and right sides of the phone.

OnePlus game triggers are listed in the OP India online store for Rs. 1,099 (less than $ 15) and are available for purchase immediately. However, the announcement of the accessory was made via a tweet from Lau, which includes a subtle introduction and images of the triggers.

As for the Gaming Triggers feature, OnePlus has ensured that these touch buttons communicate with the touch screen (even with a screen protector) via capacitive conduction. Triggers generate a real-time response ensuring there are no delays in their action on the screen.

The OnePlus Gaming Triggers reportedly use Omron switches for tactile feedback, specially designed for Battle Royale and other shooter game fans. If you’re serious about gaming on your phone and need help improving your game, OnePlus has the ultimate accessory for you.

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