OnePlus 9 selfie camera can be attached to the top of the bezel

OnePlus 9 Selfie Camera

OnePlus is busy working on the new OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. The next flagship series from the Chinese OEM is expected to be unveiled in a few weeks. OnePlus usually makes a major announcement every April, but a reveal in March can happen earlier than usual. In the coming weeks, we anticipate that OnePlus will send out an official launch invitation, as well as posting trailers and leaving clues here and there. The last thing we learned about was the 4500mAh battery.

OnePlus is said to be pushing a more advanced camera system. We have heard of this move several times and the most interesting detail is the Hasselblad branding. The Pro variant can come with four rear cameras: main, wide angle, ultra wide angle, and zoom.

the OnePlus 9 it will come with a smaller bezel. A camera can be applied below the screen in at least one variant. This means a larger screen-to-body ratio. OnePlus may still have a hole in the bezel, but it is covered by a transparent plate. Below is the selfie camera.

This is not exactly a notch or hole punch camera. It’s just a smaller camera that isn’t that obvious (see the image above). The result could be less distraction and a higher screen-to-body ratio. According to our source, this design allows a lower cost of production.

OnePlus 9 features

OnePlus 9 concept image

It is unclear if OnePlus will actually apply this design and technology. It certainly has potential. It is an alternative to the notch and the punch-hole but we want to know how the quality of the images works.

A camera can also be used below the screen. OnePlus’ sister company OPPO has worked on an under-screen camera. With the R&D teams of the two brands joining forces, it is possible that they will share their technologies.

The OnePlus 9 series is believed to run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. It will be thin at 8 x mm and light at just 200g or less. The 4500mAh battery can come with 45W wireless charging and reverse charging. You can definitely expect 5G connectivity. We can also expect a 6.55-inch screen with FHD resolution plus a 120Hz refresh rate and a 6.78-inch QHD screen on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

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