Home Technology News OnePlus 9 Pro doesn’t publicly promote IP rating for a reason

OnePlus 9 Pro doesn’t publicly promote IP rating for a reason

OnePlus 9 Pro doesn't publicly promote IP rating for a reason

Oneplus 9 Pro Doesn'T Publicly Promote Ip Rating For A Reason - Light Home News

OnePlus 9 Pro launched earlier this year with flagship-grade features, one of which is the long-awaited IP68 rating. The water and dust resistance feature landed on OnePlus phones since the OnePlus 8 Pro predecessor debuted. Even though big gamers touted the feature long before that, it was only with the OnePlus 8 Pro launch that the brand searched for certifications. It costs a lot and eventually a part is added to the final price of the device.

The OnePlus 8 Pro launch saw a major mention of the IP68 rating and cult fans were elated by the addition. However, this year’s OnePlus 9 Pro didn’t make much of a fuss for a particular reason now revealed by CEO and co-founder Pete Lau.

in a Pete’s explanation on the Weibo post how lab tests are not a reflection of how the end user will ultimately use the phone. It’s a mere perk that promises durability and not necessarily deliberately exploiting function in real-world conditions.

That is the reason why the OnePlus 9 Pro was never labeled with the public display of water and dust resistance. According to him, the test conditions and the actual use environment are controlled in the laboratory and do not reflect the probabilities of real-world situations very well.

In his quoted words, “it is impossible to withstand the ‘test’ according to laboratory standards at all times.” Therefore, a user can see it as a feature that is guaranteed, since the exploitation scenarios can be infinite.

So, according to Pete, it’s not a tactic to market the feature as a highlight and ask users to take their phones for a ride in the water. This also puts a big question mark on IP ratings and their justified implications in real life scenarios.