One UI 3.1 Brings Galaxy S21 Features to Older Samsung Devices

Samsung brought several exciting new features to its new flagship device, the Galaxy S21 line, particularly when it comes to the camera. The good news for those who own slightly older Samsung smartphones is that the new One UI 3.1 update will bring some of these camera capabilities to devices such as the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold2 series and the Galaxy Z Flip series. With these new capabilities, you can better capture and edit photos and videos and get smarter new features on your compatible devices.

Most of the new stuff that One UI 3.1 brings involves camera features that were initially introduced with the Galaxy S21 line. If you have one of the now supported devices, you can enjoy things like Single Shot, which will capture multiple still images along with videos with just one tap. There is also an object eraser tool that can cut out unwanted parts of your photo just by tapping on the area you want to remove.

There’s also an improved auto-focus and auto-exposure touch controller that makes it easy for you to adjust focus and brightness. You can now adjust the brightness even before taking the actual photo by sliding your finger left or right anywhere on the screen. There is also the new multi-microphone recording feature for the professional video mode that allows users to simultaneously record audio through their phone and another device such as a bluetooth headset.

For the other non-camera functions, you have the Eye Comfort Shield mode which will adjust the blue light on your device based on the time of day so that you get warmer tones at night so you can fall asleep better. You can let it adjust automatically or you can customize the schedule yourself. You can now also have more control over what you share, like you can remove metadata from photos before sharing or simply use Private Share to control who can access the content you send.

the One UI 3.1 update with these features of the Galaxy S21 will be implemented in the following devices: Galaxy S20 series (Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 FE), Galaxy Note20 series (Galaxy Note20, Galaxy Note20 Ultra), Galaxy Z Fold2 and Serie Galaxy Z Flip. Features may vary by device.

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