Older Galaxy A phones can run Android 11 One UI 3.1; that’s how

Samsung Galaxy A7 Android 11 One UI 3.1 Update

This is unofficial and doing so may not work for everyone, but apparently some developers were able to port Android 11 with One UI 3.1 to older Samsung phones like the Galaxy A7, A8, and A8 + 2018. Busy with One UI updates for most of the latest flagship and mid-range phones, but nothing yet for the older Galaxy A series phones. Well, that was expected since those devices are considered old. We have seen the upgrade roadmap and neither the Galaxy A7 nor the Galaxy A8 was mentioned.

Android 11 with One UI 3.1 is ready for Galaxy A8, Galaxy A8 + 2018, and Galaxy A7. These are phones from two years ago. They run on Exynos 7885s too, so they weren’t really on the list of phones to update, at least officially.

The developer port is ready for these 2018 Galaxy A phones. Basically, it is One UI 3.1 firmware for the Galaxy M31. XDA Developer and Senior Member VDavid003 shared the TreeUI ROM for older phones. We assume it’s not perfect, but it will work.

It is still in beta but the ROM works. Some Samsung apps may not work, such as the Samsung Camera app. Also, don’t expect most of the Android 11 One UI 3.1 functions and features to work on phones.

There may be corrupted functions and apps such as torch intensity control and face unlock. NFC will not work properly on the Galaxy A7. You can test the ROM and see Android 11 running on the mentioned Galaxy A phones. Just don’t expect all features to be reliable or work properly.

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