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Nothing essential

Do you still remember Essential? That project by Andy Rubin, the father of Android, stopped working early last year. The business was closed and the Essential team was no more. But it looks like the brand will have a new life, especially now that Essential is now owned by Carl Pei. Yes, you read that right. Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus who left the brand last year, is the new owner of Essential. Nada, the new brand, is taking over Essential. This means that Essential technologies can be used by Pei and his team.

There is no formal and official announcement, at least not yet, but our source They shared that they discovered some documents at the UK Intellectual Property Office, saying that Andy Rubin has signed ownership of Essential to Nothing Technologies Limited. No details of finances have been provided, but we think it is worth a lot of money. The application was submitted on November 11, 2020 and the process was completed on January 6, 2021.

The Essential Product logo, trademarks and entire brand are now the property of Carl Pei. Everything is now Nada’s intellectual property. Note that Alphabet (Google’s parent company) invested in the Pei startup.

From essential to nothing

It is not yet clear if Nothing will join the smartphone market. At the moment, we only know about wireless headphones. Nothing that has the Essential assets can be a good start. Let’s wait and see if a Nothing phone will be introduced this year. But we are crossing our fingers Carl Pei changes his name. We don’t want to call it “Nothing Phone” when it has the “essentials” in it.

Essential also dived into the smart home arena previously. It was believed that he was developing a speaker and hub for the smart home. Nothing could start over with what Essential had planned.

It is not known whether former Essential employees will join Pei. We know that some of them have started a startup called OSOM Privacy. A team has started work on privacy-focused hardware and software. Now let’s see how Essential can improve Nada.

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