Nokia 2.4 Android 11 operating system update begins rolling out

Nokia 2.4 Android 11

It was in September of last year when Nokia officially announced the Nokia 2.4. It was introduced together with Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 8.3 5G. We have not mentioned it since its first launch until today, as the Nokia team has just released the availability of the Android 11 update for the phone. The Android device is finally receiving the long-awaited OS update. From Android 10, you can upgrade to Android 11 and get the new platform features and enhancements. In a tweet, Nokia Mobile said that “all the latest software features are ready to be installed.”

Nokia has always been known for its durable phones. They are also reliable and safe. With Android 11, the entire mobile experience is enhanced with consumer well-being, privacy and conversations in mind.

When it comes to conversations, you don’t have to switch between apps. You can reply to messages and chats from one place on your With Android 11 Nokia 2.4. You can set your favorite contacts and see your messages displayed directly on the lock screen.

The Bubbles feature also allows you to pin conversations. This shows the messages on top of other applications that are open.

Android 11 also provides app permissions, so access to your location, camera, or microphone is only granted once or every time you need to use it. As with most Android updates, this one also offers privacy and security fixes for the Nokia smartphone.

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