No-Product Future: customers and not products define the future of consumption |  Technology

In the last stages of a pandemic, in full technological acceleration and faced with the challenge of mitigating Climate Change, consumption, like so many other aspects of reality, has to change and, in fact, is already changing. Consumers are increasingly concerned about social and environmental sustainability, increasingly buying from home and less in physical stores, increasingly concerned more about the values ​​of companies and not so much about their products. To guarantee the survival of the planet, in addition, it will be necessary to reduce the unbridled consumption that capitalism unleashed in pursuit of a false well-being: it is not time to buy more, but to buy better.

The next Retina event deals with issues like these, on July 13 at 10 a.m., within the Futuros Posibles cycle, entitled The Postcovid consumer, in collaboration with Philip Morris International (PMI). We will have the participation of Erik Larsson, Director of Marketing and Digital of Philip Morris in Spain, Eva Santos, founder of the creative agency Delirio & Twain, Juliette Simonin, founder of the start up Crowdfarming and Miguel Galera, co-founder of Canthynnus. All this directed by Jaime García Cantero.

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