Nintendo Switch can now run LineageOS 17.1 based on Android 10

Nintendo Switch can run Android. We saw this when the guys at XDA ported Oreo-based Android 8.1 LineageOS 15.1 on the Switch. Now the same team is back with another major port, this time to run Android 10-based LineageOS 17.1 on Nintendo Switch. This unofficial version is made possible by the SwitchRoot team and the ROM is available in Tablet and Android TV versions.

The LineageOS 17.1 is designed for Nvidia Shield TV and comes with a number of enhancements. These include deep sleep mode for battery consumption and is reportedly faster and more responsive compared to Android 8.1 Oreo.

Other characteristics Introduced with Android 10 includes OTA updates, full Joy-Con and Pro Controller support, USB-PD and third-party port support, reworked and simple power profiles, improved Bluetooth support, and more. While the tablet build is offered with the standard Android UI, the Android TV build includes limited app support, but supports docking and undocking capabilities.

If you are interested in trying LineageOS 17.1 on your Nintendo Switch, you will need an RCM exploitable Nintendo Switch, a high speed microSD card, and a USB-C cable. But if you already have Android 8.1 Oreo running through your SD card, you will want to back up the data as flashing the new ROM may erase the old data.

When installing, please note the fact that games made for SHIELD are not supported at this time. Also, the developers point out that there could be some shutter in the audio over Bluetooth. Since this is an unofficial build, you might want to make sure before installing it, but if you’ve tried Android 8.1 Oreo already, you already know what to expect.

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