NewPipe update brings new search engine, UI tweaks, and YouTube chapters

If you don’t like the actual YouTube app or can’t install it on your phone, but would still like to explore YouTube content, there are open source third-party clients like NewPipe. And this app is now releasing its latest update, version 0.20.10 and it comes with various new things and improvements. It has a new search engine called Sepia Search for those who want to go through the PeerTube content. It also supports YouTube chapters, as well as some UI tweaks and improvements.

For the uninitiated, NewPIpe is a popular YouTube client that can analyze the website to play videos without the usual restrictions and ads. Now, the latest update supports YouTube chapters, a feature the video-sharing app released last year. In this way, viewers can jump to specific sections of a video without having to scroll through the entire video. You can simply tap the chapter button to open the list of chapters that the content creator has added and then go to that section specifically.

As for the UI settings, you now have two new button additions to the button row. One is to open a video in a browser in case you’re not crazy about NewPipe’s video player, while the other is a share button so you can easily share the video you’re watching with other apps. You can also add a “Play with Kodi” button so you can directly stream the video to Kodi, another open source media player. The tab layout at the bottom allows you to switch between Comments, Related Videos, and Video Description.

NewPipe is also adding a new search engine called Sepia Search for PeerTube, a decentralized video sharing platform, so you can search within the app as well. To be able to access this, simply tap on the three-dot menu on the right side of the search bar and then search for specific topics or videos on the platform. This search engine was developed by Framasoft as PeerTube itself is difficult to search for when they are not federated.

If you already have NewPipeYou should receive a notification that an update is ready to be deployed. You can also directly download the latest version of your Github Page.

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