New titles for Stadia Pro members in May

Google has announced upcoming titles for Stadia, and the month of May will see fewer new titles compared to previous months. In total, the platform will get four titles: three of them are being exposed by Google at the moment, while the fourth will be revealed in the next few days. For now, it remains a mysterious title. In fact, new games are coming to Stadia this week as well in the form of Keepers: Career of A Dungeon Manager, coming to Stadia on April 29. The game is about rogue-lite and dungeon management.

As for the titles coming to Stadia in May, the one on the hot list is Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which embodies fast-paced gameplay. The game has its share of weapons and a quirky top-down camera angle that sharpens your reflexes.

The other two confirmed free titles for next month they include Trine 4 – The Nightmare Prince and Floor Kids. The former is a puzzle-platformer game, while the latter is a breakdancing fantasy RPG that takes place in a very incomplete world.

Pro titles like SteamWorld Heist, El Hijo, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Enter the Gungeon can only be claimed before May 1, so check them out. The Resident Evil Village demo runs from May 1 to 5 p.m. on May 9 and offers a sneak peek of the horror game coming to the Stadia platform at the end of May.

State Share support is coming to Serious Sam 4, making it another title where you can enjoy the unique feature that Stadia users already love. So far, HITMAN series, Judgment, and PixelJunk Raiders are the titles that come with State Share compatibility.

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