New Chromebooks, Google Workspace for Education to improve learning

In an attempt to fine-tune the learning and education possibilities in the ecosystem, Google has announced the availability of 40 new Chromebook models in 2021 along with Chrome OS features to take full advantage of the hardware’s capabilities. Remote learning remains the norm in times of pandemic and Google wants to build on its success of affordable learning-oriented Chromebooks in the past year, when remote learning has been a key factor in keeping things on track during tough times.

Latest Chromebooks for Better Education

A feature that stands out in the new batch of Chromebooks It is the built-in screen recording tool. It allows students and teachers to record lessons or reports, and the new feature is coming to Chrome OS next month.

Not many details are yet known about Chromebooks, other than that there will be touchscreen-loaded convertibles with stylus and dual cameras. This will help you create content or record screencasts as smoothly as possible.

These Chromebooks will have Google Meet and Zoom preloaded with the option to have LTE for use on the mobile network. A key focus is the inclusion of accessibility features for disabled students.

Google workspace for education

Along with the latest line of budget Chromebooks, Google also brings the update Google workspace for education. Google brought Workspace to the office application suite, but now it gets a new name: Google Workspace for Education Plus.

Previously, there was unlimited storage for qualifying institutions, but that will change next year. Schools will be under the 100TB pooled storage baseline as the new policy takes effect in July 2022.

New features are also coming in the form of a Google Meet video conferencing service that will help enhance e-learning. You can mute everyone on duty or log out for attendees. Emoji reactions will arrive in August for Meet users, another thing to keep in mind.

Along with that, the release of meeting transcripts for Meet business and education clients will also come later this year. There will be changes to the way Meet allows users to join a session; for example, students will only be able to join Meet calls after the teacher has joined.

Also coming is support for new features, such as third-party plugin support and offline support for the Android Classroom app. Together, the Chromebook line and Google Workspace for Education are going to change the way online education is approached, making it more practical and easier to use.

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