Netflix will bring the shuffle feature for all users in 2021

You’ve probably experienced spending minutes or even hours just scrolling through a streaming service’s extensive catalog to find what you want to watch next. If you’re on Netflix and you trust their algorithm, that problem may be solved soon, as they’ll be bringing Shuffle Play (or whatever they call it) to all users this year. They have been testing this feature with select users, particularly those using the TV app, and since user feedback has been really good, they will be rolling it out in the first half of 2021.

According to Tech Crunch, the feature will be a button on the Netflix home screen that will likely be below your profile icon. When you click on it, you will get a random show or movie. It is based on your algorithm and your previous viewing history. It could be something that you’re already watching but didn’t finish, something that’s already on your watchlist, or something similar to what you’ve already seen, depending on their algorithm.

Interestingly, Netflix said that user feedback has been quite good, according to its letter to shareholders. When it was first reported in August 2020, people on social media were less than excited about having a shuffle feature, as some have said it’s not the way streaming services are supposed to work. But the company generally makes decisions about how actual users respond to the features they’re testing, so it looks like we’re actually getting a shuffle feature this year.

Those who are using the Netflix app for TV devices may have already seen it in the side navigation bar after the hime button. It was previously called “Play Something”, but has now been rebranded as “Shuffle Play”, which you can try if you’re not sure what to watch. The description says that it will mix everything up on Netflix and bring you something to watch “according to your taste.” If you have a TV app, you can give it a try if it’s there.

Netflix said the final name of the feature may not be Shuffle Play, so we’ll have to wait when they finally officially announce the feature. It is expected to reach all users in the first half of 2021.

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