Netflix Helps Your Indecisive Mind With “Play Something” Feature

Netflix previously shared that they were bringing a tool that will help their users who sometimes mindlessly scroll through the entire library without seeing anything. Now, the “Play Something” feature is available for the Netflix app on smart TVs and probably also on Android mobile devices. This tool is more like a “shuffle button” for the app, but it is based on movies or TV shows that you have previously consumed and that they think you will like based on the platform’s algorithm.

Unless you know specifically what you want to watch, you’ve probably spent more than half an hour scrolling through Netflix, undecided about what you want to watch. Now if you don’t want to make any decisions, just tap on the “Play Something” button and Netflix will load a series or movie that will be based on the content you previously watched. The streaming giant has a pretty good algorithm, so what they’ll suggest will likely be in their wheelhouse.

But if you are still not satisfied, there is another button: Play something else. This will give you a new series or movie, an episode of a show that you are already watching, a movie that has already started, a series or movie that is already on your watchlist, or something that has not finished yet. and they think you’ll want to visit it again. If you are still not satisfied with that, you will probably have to re-scroll without thinking.

The Play Something feature will be seen in various places in the Netflix app. You will see it below your profile name, in the 10th row of the Netflix home page, and in the navigation menu on the left of the screen. If you are using a screen reader, it also supports Text-to-Speech (TTS). If you don’t know how to enable it, you can get help from the Accessibility center to find out how you can enable it on your smart TV.

For now, Touch something it is only available in the Netflix app on your smart TV. They have yet to say when it will be rolled out to the mobile app, but it will most likely not be available in the desktop browser interface.

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