Netflix Downloads for You automatically brings offline viewing for selected videos

Netflix subscribers are probably very familiar with the amount of time we spend browsing the entire library when we don’t know what to watch next. The algorithm that makes suggestions sometimes helps, but when we are indecisive, we may need a little more pressure. A new feature called Downloads for You can help with that as it will automatically download recommended TV shows and movies based on your previous viewing history and what you think you will like or like.

Netflix already has Smart Downloads that automatically download the next episode of a show you’re already watching. But this time, the Downloads for you The feature will download what it thinks will be the next show you binge watch or the movie that will interest you, based on what you’ve been watching on the streaming platform or what you’ve been adding to your list. This means that you will be able to watch such videos when you have no internet connection.

This is of course optional, but if you want to participate, just go to the Downloads tab and turn Downloads on for yourself. You can then choose the amount of content that it will allow to download: 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB. The more space you choose, the more videos you get. And don’t worry, downloads will take place when connected to WiFi, so you don’t have to worry about data allocation.

Once you’ve finished watching the show or movie, you can delete them if you don’t plan on watching them again so you can make room for new downloads when you reconnect to your WiFi. You can also stream the downloaded content to a TV and it will stream directly from your Android smartphone. Or you can just watch it from there when you are on a long trip or waiting for someone who is late.

Netflix says its full catalog is available for download, but there may be some titles that won’t be available due to licensing limitations. The Downloads for You feature is now available for Android devices worldwide.

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