Home Technology News More Snapdragon Wear chips are coming and the Wearables ecosystem is launched

More Snapdragon Wear chips are coming and the Wearables ecosystem is launched

Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator

Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator

Qualcomm may have a hard time providing chip supplies, but it’s not limited to research and development. We have been presenting many good things about the company. We recently learned that you are working on a Qualcomm gaming phone for Snapdragon Insiders. The Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G mobile processor was also announced. We also noticed that Qualcomm’s old Snapdragon Wear chips are capable of running the new Wear OS. New processors will be introduced in the near future as the company has started work on Snapdragon Wear chips for smartwatches.

Qualcomm is further expanding the wearables segment with new products. It has been making new investments in platforms. There is also the Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program.

Qualcomm has proudly shared the good news that it has reached more than 40 million Snapdragon Wear shipments. That’s how many smartwatches and health and fitness trackers are powered by Snapdragon Wear. SoCs for wearables have been tested by dozens of OEMs and brands, from Arm to Fossil, BBK and OPPO, among others. Https://androidcommunity.com/wearables-market-experience-29-7-growth-in-q1 -2020-20200601 /

Without a doubt, the wearables business is growing, especially since last year when the pandemic struck. Because there is a need and demand, Qualcomm Technologies is increasing investments in Snapdragon Wear. This includes the introduction of new Snapdragon Wear platforms that can be used in different segments of smart watches, from children to adults, seniors and even for pets.

The new Snapdragon Wear platforms won’t be just for Wear OS. Qualcomm also seeks to deliver and respond to the needs of customers using different operating systems. Qualcomm Technologies Senior Director and Global Head of Smart Wearable Devices Pankaj Kedia said: “We envision a hyper-segmented world of wearables. We believe Qualcomm Technologies has an important role to play in accelerating this reality by uniting our platforms and investments in the ecosystem. “

Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program

The company also just announced the Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program. It’s a new effort that will allow OEMs and developers to build the future of wearable devices. This ecosystem innovation will connect “Hardware and Software Technology Providers, Component Providers, and System Integrators with OEM, ODM, Mobile Operators, and Enterprise and Consumer Platform Providers”.

The program has one main objective: to accelerate the adoption of wearables and reduce development time by creating collaborative relationships throughout the wearables value chain. Qualcomm aims to support ecosystem members who want to optimize solutions with the Snapdragon Wear Platform. With this move, many groups will be able to quickly adapt innovations to their products and be able to commercialize them.

Qualcomm wants to provide expert support to help accelerate innovation. In this way, most OEMs can see greater business opportunities, faster time to market, and be able to produce smarter, more connected wearable devices.