More partners will use OPPO’s flash charging solutions

OPPO VOOC flash charge

Many people know that OPPO has its own fast charging solution. It’s called VOOC, which we first met more than five years ago. The new VOOC Flash Charge solutions were introduced in 2019 and the Chinese OEM continues to roll out the technology to its smartphones. It is receiving praise in user reviews. A while ago, we told you about the new wireless charging technology that is being tested. In the coming weeks or months, OPPO’s fast charging technology may be used by other brands.

OPPO has recently partnered with several industry leaders. NXP Semiconductors, Anker and FAW-Volkswagen will take advantage of OPPO solutions when it comes to charging devices, whether in cars, homes or outdoors. These partners will use OPPO’s technical designs related to flash charging.

With this move, more consumers will be able to benefit from OPPO’s flash charging technology. You are no longer limited to flash charging at home, as you will soon be able to use them elsewhere and with more devices.

At this week’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS), OPPO is demonstrating VOOC flash charging in action in addition to wireless charging. OPPO’s senior director of intellectual property, Adler Feng, proudly said: “The Flash Initiative reflects OPPO’s belief in human-centered technologies that make a difference in people’s everyday lives.”

OPPO flash charging solutions

New partners will not only easily implement the technology. A certification is still needed. The China Telecommunications Technology Laboratory (CTTL) will. You will test and certify products that will use VOOC flash charging technology.

The certifications mean that the safety standards for fast charging technology are met. CTTL has given OPPO a five-star rating for VOOC flash charging so you know it’s more than fine.

CTTL and OPPO have also prepared a whitepaper containing information on flash charging technology. It will be released shortly after MWC Shanghai ends. The document aims to educate consumers about the devices and consumer safety involved in the charging solution.

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