MediaTek dethrons Qualcomm to become the largest smartphone chip supplier

Qualcomm has been an undisputed leader in chipsets, but MediaTek has pushed the manufacturer off the top for the first time. The Taiwanese chipmaker has for the first time become the largest supplier of smartphone processors with a market share of 27 percent in 2020 compared to 17.2 percent in 2019.According to a recent report, MediaTek sent more than 351.8 million units last year to major smart phones. suppliers.

According to Omida, a London-based analytics consulting firm, in 2019 MediaTek had only supplied 238 million units to smartphone OEMs. With sales volume increasing to approximately 113.8 million units, the company was able to grab 27.2 percent market share last year.

Qualcomm was able to capture only 25 percent of the global market share, which was not enough for the company to retain the top spot, which MediaTek swallowed up with its year-on-year growth in 2020. Xiaomi was reportedly the largest customer for MediaTek chipsets in the past year.

Xiaomi shipped nearly 64 million smartphones with MediaTek chipsets in 2020 compared to just under 20 million in the previous year. Besides Xiaomi, Samsung and OPPO have been on the top list of MediaTek chipsets.

That said, the biggest advantage it played in MediaTek’s favor was the restrictions imposed on Huawei in the United States. The sanctions restrict the use of Qualcomm chipsets in Huawei’s smartphones, which cost the former a lot and MediaTek was able to sell chips to Huawei (a leading global smartphone brand).

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