Magic: The Gathering Arena is now a free game on Android and iOS

Wizards of the Coast, the parent company of Magic: The Gathering Arena or MTG Arena has announced that the mobile application has been officially launched for Android and iOS devices as of today, March 25. The free game is available in beta version. for select Android devices in January, and now, after months of testing, the title is available for free for Android phones, iPhones and iPads.

The app will reportedly finally be fully released worldwide. It is available for download in Europe through the App Store and Play Store. It is not known when the other regions should be able to download the final free version. Presumably, although it is only a matter of time.

the MTG Arena mobile it’s the same game that gamers have been playing on their PCs or Macs lately. The game has just been scaled down for mobile devices, otherwise the game remains intact. Interestingly, players with their card collection on the PC version can, as is, use it on the mobile version by sighing in-game.

In context, players starting out with the mobile app can bring their card collection to the PC or Mac if they wish. The cross-platform compatibility will definitely excite a lot of gamers. As reported, iOS support has been included for the app, ensuring that devices from iPhone 8 onwards can download the game on their phones.

Along with the final release of the app, Wizards of the Coast has reportedly included performance updates for Android devices in the new version. There are some hiccups, like people showing up offline even when online. Although this flaw does not hamper the game much, the developers are working on a fix for it.

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