Home Technology News Likely BlackBerry 5G Phone, OnwardMobility Pre-Engagement Program Tips

Likely BlackBerry 5G Phone, OnwardMobility Pre-Engagement Program Tips

Likely BlackBerry 5G Phone, OnwardMobility Pre-Engagement Program Tips

Likely Blackberry 5G Phone, Onwardmobility Pre-Engagement Program Tips - Light Home News

Once a pioneer in smartphones, BlackBerry, was lost in the dust swept away by the nicknames of Android and iPhone. There has been a buzz in the air about a new BlackBerry 5G smartphone hitting the market. It was only up in the air until BB’s partners OnwardMobility recently launched a pre-engagement program to invite customers to show their interest in purchasing a BlackBerry 5G smartphone. This news has only consolidated the rumor that the new 5G smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard may be just around the corner.

UnwardMobilty and BlackBerry announced a partnership in August last year, and a 5G-based BlackBerry device has been widely expected ever since. It goes without saying that this model will definitely have a physical keyboard.

Rumors initially suggested that the phone could be launched in the first half of 2021. As things have not turned out in the last year, this has not been true either. Now this latest invitation to the engagement show sheds light on the fact that the phone may not be ready yet, but it will definitely launch, and that could be very soon.

With the pre-engagement program, OnwardMobility hasn’t mentioned any revised release date or anything. So, precisely, there is no possibility of guessing, but if you’re interested On a BlackBerry 5G smartphone, the least you can do is sign up with your email for this program.

With this, OnwardMobility is committed to bringing you the availability updates and feature information for the next phone before everyone else. The program will also give you the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to make sure the phone lands exactly the way you want it to.