LG Rollable Phone, LG Rainbow AKA LG V70 Pictures Appear Online

LG Rolling Phone LG Rainbow Unreleased

LG has made an official announcement and finally. It is leaving the smartphone business to redirect its efforts to other, more profitable divisions. It has been a long time after several years without making money. It was a bittersweet decision, but you have to make it. This means that the much talked about LG Rollable Phone and LG Rainbow will no longer see the light of day. These two have been mentioned alongside the LG Q83. Various details and images have already been leaked just for the projects to finish.

The LG roll-up phone was first envisioned last year when we saw that we envision the LG phone with a foldable, foldable, and roll-up display. A prototype was sighted, as well as that patent for the LG Rollable Phone. The device was thought to be the brand’s next breakthrough phone.

Before the year 2020 was over, even the specs, pricing, and launch schedule were leaked. Earlier this year, we also discovered that its screen can extend up to 7.4 inches. LG teased the upcoming roll-up smartphone screen. The LG Rollable Phone was unveiled at CES with a flexible display made by BOE.

The sources have shared images of the supposed LG Rollable Phone and the LG Rainbow. Apparently the LG Rainbow is also known as the LG V70 which is an obvious follow-up to the LG V60 ThinQ. The LG Rollable Phone was once spotted on a Bluetooth SIG list. watch this image LG Rollable (model number LM-R910N):

LG LM-R910N rollable phone picture

And this is the image of LG Rainbow (LG V70) of the same source:

LG Rainbow LG V70

There is information on the specs and features, but Tron (@FrontTron) said they are not true. We assume that it really does not make sense to provide more information about products that will no longer be released. These images are sufficient. Thanks LG.

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