LG may stop releasing updates once it goes out of the mobile business

LG smartphone business to end soon

What’s wrong with LG? We’re not exactly sure, but your mobile business may come to an end soon. Several related rumors are heard. It may be closing, but it’s not for sale. We constantly ask about the fate of the LG Rollable Phone, even if sightings have been made. The LG Rainbow flagship smartphone is also believed to be on hold now. LG has denied the rumors, but people can’t help but wonder about the future of the company.

LG is not going to fall. His other businesses are doing well. The mobile division is problematic because it doesn’t sell as many phones. Even if the featured device is revolutionary and innovative like the LG Wing, the market is not picking up these LG smartphones.

LG used to be a leader in this game. If and when it exits the mobile market, LG may have to suspend software support for phones currently on its line in accordance with a source.

LG is expected to make an official confirmation next month. A leak has appeared, saying that an announcement will be made about the abandonment of the business. It won’t be a bad idea as you have reported losses for the last 23 quarters in a row.

LG may withdraw from the business or sell the mobile division. You can also reduce the size of the drive as a suggestion. The future is still unclear for LG and the phones in the works. If the shutdown occurs, the employees are said to be assigned to other divisions such as the appliance factory.

The LG Rollable Phone is an interesting design. An early patent was shown with a secondary screen and a triple camera. The alleged purchase of a Vietnamese company is said to have ended. It is not happening.

Regarding future software updates, support may also end if LG exists in the mobile market. LG can still promise them, but at the rate LG is rolling out software updates, it may no longer be able to work on them. The only devices that we know that are getting the Android 11 OS update are the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, LG V60 ThinQ 4G, LG Wing, LG G8X, and LG G8S.

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