Launch of Google News Showcase in Argentina, UK

In case you are still looking for more ways to read the news online, we have good news for those who live in the supported countries. Google continues to expand its new Google News Showcase product as it has now officially launched in two other countries: Argentina and the UK. This is a program that offers publishers licenses for their news content and aims to provide users with local, national, and independent news sources for users. Readers will also be able to access some of the content hidden behind paywalls for publishers who have licensing agreements with them.

In the United Kingdom, Google has already signed deals with some of the most prominent publishers, including Archant, DC Thomson, Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Iliffe Media, Reach, The Telegraph, and Reuters. There are actually over 120 posts that will start curating their content for the Google News Showcase in the UK. There are many independent and local newspapers included that previously could not be digitized.

In Argentina, Google has signed around 40 news publications among which are Clarín, La Nación, Perfil, Infobae, Crónica, Cronista, El Economista, Diario Río Negro, El Día, La Gaceta and El Litoral. These organizations include the two largest newspapers, as well as independent, local and regional news organizations. In this way, readers will be able to access various types of news from different sources that they may not have read before.

In total, the Google News Showcase now has more than 450 publications that are part of its licensing program in more than a dozen countries, including Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France, Japan and the two new countries mentioned above. If you live in one of the countries, you will be able to see the slide-out story panels that feature not only articles, but also timelines, bullets, and even video and audio in the future.

One of the main goals of this project is to get hyperlocal and regional content from publishers who don’t have the same resources as the bigger players. Google says its goal is to bring a “digital transformation” for local content providers who haven’t had a chance to have one yet.

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