Latest Android malware presents itself as a fake ‘System Update’

Android System Update Malware March 2021

Another week, another malware. We are not saying that malware is everywhere and always attacking. There is a much bigger virus facing the world right now, one that we do not want to discuss here. But as for the new spyware, it masquerades as “System Update”. Naturally, if you get one, the tendency is to download and install it right away. This malware is said to be so powerful that it shows up as a critical system update. Once applied, you can fully control the device to do anything like steal important data.

Is fake system update it comes as a mobile application. It is installed outside the Play Store. Once installed, it hides and gets data from the device and then sends it to the operators’ servers.

This malware was discovered by Zimperium. The mobile security company identified the malicious app connecting to a Firebase server. This server is owned by the operator and is used to control an unsuspecting device remotely.

What this spyware can do is very harmful. It can steal contacts, device details, messages, search history, and browser bookmarks from your Android device. You can also take photos using the cameras and record calls and ambient sound.

It is very dangerous as it can even take copied data from a clipboard and search for documents. You can track your photos and locations. This one is also very misleading because it reduces data consumption by uploading thumbnails instead of full images to the server.

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