Home Technology News K-9 Mail finally receives the first new update in 3 years

K-9 Mail finally receives the first new update in 3 years

K-9 Mail finally receives the first new update in 3 years

K-9 Mail Finally Receives The First New Update In 3 Years - Light Home News

Three years is a long time to go without an update for an app, but now K-9 Mail users can breathe a sigh of relief. The email app, one of the most popular alternatives to Gmail, has finally announced a stable release after three years of mostly beta updates. K-9 Mail stable update version 5.8 has finally been removed and is now available on the Google Play Store. The changes include a redesign of the user interface and some changes to the operating system that can run it, as well as fixes and improvements.

While most people probably use the Gmail app, those who want more powerful features are likely to look for alternatives and K-9 Mail it is one of the most popular. But in the last three years, the app only released beta updates, so the news that it now has a stable update is definitely good news. First of all, the user interface has been redesigned and the developers expect both users who love it and those who hate it, so they say “you’re welcome and we’re sorry” in advance.

The new version will now only run on Android 5.0 and later devices. They have also made the necessary changes in this new version so that periodic background synchronization and Push are now more reliable. However, this is bad news for those who have WebDAV accounts, as they will not be able to set up new accounts. Existing accounts will continue to work “for now”, but account support has generally been deprecated.

This stable update also adds support for Autocrypt configuration messages and encryption issues, as well as some improvements and bug fixes related to end-to-end encryption. Now you can also install external media, but only if you are running Android 6 or newer with adopted storage. The bad news for those who like to use keyboard shortcuts for menu items is that they have removed support as they conflicted with system shortcuts.

Of course, a major update also brings with it a lot of bug fixes, internal changes and improvements, and maybe some unhappy users. But as with many updates, people will eventually get used to it. If you are using K-9 Mail, update it now to the latest version through the Google Play Store.