Jio announces ‘Jio Glass’ that can do 3D holographic video calling, features

Jio Glass is a mixed reality solution
It can be used for 3D holographic video calling
It supports 2D and 3D audio calling
It can be operated by connecting to a smartphone

At Reliance’s 43rd Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, the company announced an innovative product, Jio Glass. These glasses have a mixed reality solution. It has been developed with the virtual rooms of teachers and students in mind. Jio Glass can be called Apple’s indigenous AR glass. Here’s what it’s like to …

Features of ‘Jio Glass’

This glass is capable of 3D virtual rooms and 3D holographic video calling. This glass supports wireless audio.
It can be operated by connecting to a smartphone.
It also has a personalized audio system, no accessories required.
Jio Glass will have 25 inbuilt 25 applications. It will allow users to access a number of services, including augmented reality calling.
Users can call other users by giving voice commands.
There is a camera attached to the center of this glass. During calls, users will be able to see the display in the glasses. This display has a high resolution, which will give users a real-time experience.
It supports 2D and 3D audio calling. In it, during multiple calling, users can communicate with one user in 2D and with other users in 3D.
The presentation can be easily shown during calling in ‘Jio Glass’.
It weighs only 75 grams.
However, the company has not yet clarified when and at what price it will be launched in the market.

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