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Instagram to focus on entertainment, videos, is no longer a photo sharing app

Instagram to focus on entertainment, videos, is no longer a photo sharing app

Instagram To Focus On Entertainment, Videos, Is No Longer A Photo Sharing App - Light Home News

It seems that your favorite photo-sharing application is not just that anymore, at least according to its director, Adam Mosseri. He announced on Twitter that changes will be coming to Instagram soon, as they will focus on entertainment and videos, similar to competitors TikTok and YouTube. While they haven’t fully described what all of those changes will be, he did point out a few things users can expect in the coming months. But the basic idea is that “it is no longer a square photo-sharing application.”

With the success of TikTok and YouTube, it is not surprising that Instagram wants to go after its competitors even though it is popular in its own right. If you were satisfied with just browsing through the occasional photos and videos, Instagram says you really aren’t. Mosseri shares that the number one reason people are on the platform is to be entertained and therefore the changes they will make will be based on this idea which they said comes from research.

One thing they will do is experiment with the Recommendations aspect of Instagram. If the recommendations are first found in the search and discovery section, you will soon see some things in your Feed that the algorithm thinks you will like, even from the accounts you do not follow. But you will also be able to say what topics you want to see and what you don’t want to see in your feed in the new version they are testing now.

And because they are chasing the virality of TikTok and YouTube, this means there will be a renewed focus on video. While you can already see videos on their Feed, Stories and Live, Mosseri says they will be experimenting more to bring videos more broadly. Terms like “full screen, immersive, entertaining and mobile first” have been dropped, although details will likely come later.

As for how users will accept these changes, it is still up in the air. Instagram says the changes are based on research, but may also be based on the fact that videos are easier to monetize than photos. We will see how it will be accepted once the changes are implemented.