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Innovate to boost business access to artificial intelligence | Digital Transformation | Technology

 Innovate to boost business access to artificial intelligence |  Digital Transformation |  Technology

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing many areas of the economy and, currently, in multiple sectors it is already providing definitive competitive advantages. Minsait, which in recent years has strengthened itself as the leading Spanish technology company and a key player in digitization, has strengthened its position as a leader in the development of artificial intelligence in our country and has made it one of its growth factors. The company understands that its customers must “evolve the models of relationship with consumers”, a fact that involves digitizing their sales channels and personalizing their products and services by exploiting data and artificial intelligence.

“It has been shown that companies data driven they are more competitive, as can be seen in the digital giants and in new companies with business models based on the intensive use of data and intelligence ”, they point out in Minsait.

In this scenario, the Indra company understands that, in order to compete, the Spanish business fabric needs orientation to data, precision and speed in its decision-making. And that innovation in the field of artificial intelligence requires a strong commitment to ensure the talent of reference, adequate spaces and technical means necessary to materialize it.

Minsait aims to help Spanish companies find answers to the questions that determine their future

And Minsait puts it into practice in its AI Lab Granada management model. The Granada center is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence spaces in Europe and offers Spanish companies a unique model for developing solutions to the challenges they face. “We have taken the necessary steps to make it a unique space for the real and practical development of business solutions based on artificial intelligence,” they say from Minsait.

Through this center, in whose development the University of Granada participates and which will have leading technological partners, as is the case with Google Cloud, Minsait intends to help Spanish companies that wish to participate to find answers to the questions that condition Her future. All this through an innovative collaborative and open work model.

Access to the best knowledge

Thus, Minsait invites companies to share their challenges and participate in the search for those solutions in this new avant-garde space. To be successful in this search, the Indra company is committed to making various factors available to companies that make AI Lab Granada a unique space. On the one hand, they will find an ecosystem open to the best talent and close collaboration between companies, institutions and world leaders in technology, which gives it a unique scale and flexibility.

Isaac Hernández, Country Manager Google Cloud; Councilor for Economic Transformation, of the Board, Rogelio Velasco; Pilar Aranda Rector of the University of Granada; and Cristina Ruiz, CEO of Indra, during the presentation of the IA Lab Granada.

“In this center, more than 100 scientists with doctors in artificial intelligence will participate, as well as 165 consultants, developers and researchers, and 8 of the 10 most cited university researchers in Spain in the field of artificial intelligence will work in it,” they point out in Minsait.

On the other hand, they will have at their disposal access to the best knowledge in the artificial technology market, the one offered by the teams from Minsait, Google or the University of Granada. Also, that of the start-ups, freelancers, institutions, companies and corporations of any size and activity that decide to participate in the project. All this combining the most advanced technology available to all the initiatives of the center and counting on ethics and sustainability as differential values ​​of the Minsait proposal. “We plan to work specifically on ethics by design in their solutions, on the efficiency of Spanish companies in terms of sustainability and on the energy optimization of computing”, the Indra company assures.

In this center, companies will find an ecosystem open to the best talent and close collaboration between companies, institutions and world leaders in technology

Therefore, the AI ​​Lab Granada was born as a vanguard element in innovation related to artificial intelligence in Spain, with a differential approach, strongly practical and oriented to tangible results in business and in society. “It constitutes an open and collaborative environment with the best experts and technologies available to all Spanish companies, following a model of collaborative relationship between the experts and the recipients of the solutions, with a strongly practical approach to economic and social progress”, they exhibit from Minsait.

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