Huawei to focus on software as hardware business suffers

Huawei Software

Huawei is no longer considered one of the world’s leading mobile device original equipment manufacturers today. It’s been a long time, one we’ve been anticipating since the US trade ban against the Chinese tech giant. Also in its native China, Huawei is no longer number one. Huawei is doing everything it can to survive. It has already sold the Honor mobile business, but will continue to manufacture and sell Huawei P and Mate series smartphones. We are looking forward to the Huawei P50 series that we think will be featured next.

Huawei’s situation is not going to change anytime soon. We have said it several times. We fear things will get worse even if Huawei fights back. He filed a lawsuit over the national security threat label with the FCC. The future of the brand is still unclear even under President Biden.

You see, things are going against Huawei. The US government has been revoking licenses to supply Huawei according to some sources. Huawei’s figures are expected to drop in 2021.

The hardware business is taking a hit, so the company can focus on software. This is according to a report which says Huawei is turning to software instead. It has started as the company works more on other businesses like smart cars and cloud computing.

Perhaps Huawei is seeing that things will not change for the better. It’s a desperate case, so you just need to move on. Huawei has several technologies, including HarmonyOS. The platform is said to be embedded in a vehicle technology that Arcfox is using in its car. HarmonyOS offers some autonomous driving capabilities, so it should be interesting. Huawei also has cloud computing products.

Huawei’s approach to the cloud is aimed at “Increase the proportion of our software and services business in our total revenue mix”. There is no timeline to see the results, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Huawei may still have a hard time sourcing supplies, so it can also be a challenge.

Could Huawei do something similar to what Google has done? Be a leader in the software game. Anything can happen, but as it is, Huawei’s movements still have many restrictions.

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