Huawei Mate X2 durability test: check if the folding phone survives

Huawei Mate X2 Durability Test 1

We are sure that Huawei cannot give up just yet. You may have decided to sell the Honor unit, but that doesn’t mean it will stop working on new phones. Maybe one day it will just focus on the software business, but yes, there is still the Huawei P50 series and the newly announced Huawei Mate X2. The latter is the company’s second attempt to break into the foldable phone category. Actually, there was the Huawei Mate Xs, but it was only a slight improvement.

The first-generation offering didn’t exactly sell. It wasn’t making any money and it even made the OEM lose more. The first mention of a new model version was that it would be an “innie” like the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Renders soon showed an inward-folding screen and dual selfie camera.

The new foldable flagship smartphone was said to be thinner, longer, and lighter. The HUAWEI Mate X2 was officially announced and prepared with a foldable design.

Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything got his hands on the Huawei Mate X2 and unsurprisingly had to do a quick durability test. The phone withstood scratch, burn and bending tests. See the full durability test video below:

We are impressed. The phone looks really durable. Scratching is normal and expected: scratched at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 for the external display. The internal screen was scratched at a level 2 to 3 even with just one fingernail, but that’s okay.

The heat resulted in a white mark that was not recovered on the outer screen. The inner screen showed a black mark after 10 seconds and did not recover. What we found really impressive is that the phone did not bend in both directions. Huawei got things right this time.

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