Huawei files national security threat label lawsuit by FCC

Huawei's trade ban in the US

The trade ban between Huawei and the US is still a developing story. We doubt that now things will change in favor of Huawei. Earlier, we imagined that things could take a 180 degree turn once President Trump left the White House. Well, that has already been opened and President Biden is the new president of the United States. Huawei’s future IS is still unclear even under the new administration, as we have gathered from various reports. Biden’s bid for the commerce secretary previously said there is no reason why major Chinese OEMs and other brands should be removed from the trade ban list.

Huawei has not yet done anything important except to find alternative solutions and technologies and even suppliers. Unlike Huawei, Xiaomi filed a lawsuit against the US Defense for the investment ban. Now, Huawei appears to be doing something similar as it tries to challenge claims that the company is a national security threat.

Huawei has previously denied the espionage allegations, but of course the Trump administration would not listen. Huawei now says the claim was unconstitutional. The move is said to have been detrimental to US companies working with Huawei.

Huawei filed a lawsuit in the New Orleans Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The company said the statement from the US Federal Communications Commission was “arbitrary and capricious.” Huawei insists that the FCC has no “substantial evidence.”

In a court filing, this is what Huawei said: “The review order has a potential impact on the financial interests of the telecommunications industry as a whole, including manufacturers, end-users and service providers in a wide range of industries, such as the Internet, cell phones and landlines, and similar telecommunications applications “.

We have a feeling that Huawei will continue in this battle. He once defied the 2019 ban on American companies from using tax subsidies to finance the construction of 5G technology. Huawei has denied all allegations that it is working with the Chinese government.

The security threat is not true according to the Chinese mobile OEM. This is what we will continue to hear until the case is over, but again, no, the problem will be over soon.

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