Green Pixel Buds A Leaked on a Google Nest Mailing List

Green Pixel Buds A Google Nest distribution list

Google first released a pair of Pixel Buds in 2017. The second generation was introduced in 2019, but launched in the US in April 2020. There may be a follow-up in the works like the one rumored Pixel Buds A is a more affordable pair. Pixel Buds 2 isn’t really perfect, but with a software update, the issues can be fixed. Now it’s ready in more markets too, so Google definitely needs to take a look at the Pixel Buds line. The last thing we have on the product is the possibility of a green Pixel Buds.

Google hasn’t made an announcement but a dark green image of a Pixel Buds A appeared in an email from Google Nest. A source already shared Related details and the image appears to be a sneak peek, if not a confirmation.

It may also be a bug, but we believe a new color variant of the new pair is in the works. It may appear under “Accessories” in the Google Store based on the link provided.

Dark green Pixel Buds A The pair shows the color on the wingtips and on the ear cups. Even the charging case has a hint of green. The case now features a charge indicator on the top.

Note that Google has released a Quite Mint Pixel Buds. The green here is dark, more like forest green. The more affordable Pixel Buds A are highly anticipated. And with its appearance in the email, it is quite possible that the pair works better within the Nest system and other Android devices.

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