Google’s Discover feed may show a “Like” counter soon

Most of the time, you probably depend on your social media for your news articles. But there are apps that can bring you the news that is relevant to you, like Google’s Discover feed. Google has been constantly experimenting with this by testing and introducing new features to improve the experience for its users. We don’t know if this new one they’re testing is something we really need, but it’s there nonetheless. Some users are now viewing a Like counter so you can see how many people have “accepted” that particular article.

The Discover feed, formerly known as Google Now and then Google Feed, can be accessed from the Google Home app or your Google app or browser, as well as when you swipe right from the home screen if your device supports it. You get updates and news articles on topics that you have told Google that interest you based on your web activity, location history, and location settings. Obviously, you must grant Google permissions to obtain this data.

Another thing Google seems to be using right now to determine the algorithm in your Discover feed is the Like counter that shows you what other people have liked or liked as well. Previously, Google implemented a heart button so that you could like articles that appear in your Discover feed, indicating that you want more of that content. They must be analyzing whether seeing a similar counter will influence you to consume content or not.

Android Central says This is a feature that no one has been requesting, but it may also be useful for some users or for determining the algorithm of our Discover feeds. In any case, it looks like Google is still testing this, as not all users see a Like counter on their feed, just the same heart icon and share button. They may be trying to see if this will make you interact more with that heart button.

If they ever decide to bring this to all users, it will most likely take some time to arrive. The Like button took six months to roll out for everyone, so we may see that it will reach more users in early 2021.

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