Google will now help you find nearest voting, drop-off locations

Google will now help you find nearest voting, drop-off locations

With less than a month until Election Day in the US, Google says the search for “how to vote” is at an all-time high. This may mean that those who are eligible to vote still need help in figuring out how to vote or that there are more people who are genuinely interested in voting given the current situation. Either way, Google is ready to help people ask questions that bring election-related features to Search and Maps.

When your questions are “Early Voting Place” or “I have ballot boxes”, you’ll be able to get features to show the places that are closest to you, On both search and map. You will find details at both polling stations where you can vote early or at places where you can send your mail-in ballot, as well as places where you can vote on election day. The search results will also remind you what you need to bring or how you should bring your ballots (complete and of course sealed).

They are also bringing election-related features for Google Assistant. Soon, you’ll be able to ask questions like “Hey Google, where do I vote”. And it should be able to give you the answers you need. This will be enabled on smart speakers, smart displays or any Google Assistant-powered devices. Search, map, and Google Assistant results can also give you an idea of ​​what the voting times are, how far it is from your place, and how long it will take you to get there.

The information provided by Google is from the Voting Information Project, a partnership between the non-partisan civic organization Democracy Works and state election officials. They aim for more than 200,000 polling locations across the country included in the search results. For those who do not yet have polling places, Google will use state and local election websites.

If you are of voting age, we hope you will perform your civic duty in this upcoming election. To avoid the crowds (we are still in an epidemic after all) and run away, use the information from Google so that you can cast your vote as quickly as possible.