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Google will launch in autumn a new mobile Pixel 6 that will include its own chip | Technology

Google intends to put an end to its secondary role in the mobile phone industry. The company presented on Monday the Pixel 6, the new model of its line of smartphones (smartphones), which will work with a chip of its own manufacture and which, according to the multinational, will offer artificial intelligence capabilities. The technology giant is thus following in Apple’s footsteps by creating its own chip.

The Pixel 6, which will be launched commercially later this year, is capable of ultra-fast 5G and is specially built around the Tensor chip, built in the resemblance of data center processor models that use artificial intelligence.

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The company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, explained that the chip had been in development for four years. “Tensor builds on our two decades of computing experience. And it’s our biggest Pixel innovation to date, “he remarked. “We have always thought of our hardware products in the context of advancing computing,” he explained.

“This is essentially a mobile system on a chip designed around artificial intelligence,” added Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Google Devices, at a briefing at the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. “With Tensor we think about every piece of the chip and customize it to run Google’s computational photography models. For users, this means completely new features, as well as improvements to existing ones, ”he said, without giving any details.

The SoC (System on a Chip, for its acronym in English) that Google has created for its future Pixel includes several components together to be more efficient: a processor (CPU), a graphics (GPU) and even the 5G connectivity modem. In addition, the company explained that it will have a Titan M2 chip to improve the security of the device. The company ensures that new mobiles will have the “highest amount of security layers of any phone” on the market.

The new Pixel 6 will also include improvements in its user interface and a renewed camera design compared to its predecessor, the Pixel. The terminals have a protruding camera module, which covers the entire width of the back due to the size of the sensors that the main lens incorporates. The device is equipped with a set of photo sensors that are located in a strip on the back. The Pixel 6 features a 6.4-inch (16.2 cm) edge-to-edge screen, which is slightly larger on the Pro model.

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