Google pushes Pixel devices for business users

For the last several years, Google has been pushing for its devices to be not only for personal use but also for corporate use, mainly through the Android Enterprise program. But now it appears that they are positioning their newest Pixel devices specifically for businesses by launching the Pixel for Business website. Basically, the smartphone features are highlighted that will make it the perfect match for companies looking for enterprise-grade devices for their employees and their business in general.

The website highlights three aspects of Pixel devices to consider for business use. Google says it is “safe and secure, all by design” as it has features built for security like the Titan M chip that protects the bootloader so users cannot revert to the previous operating system and keeps data safe from the boot. device. Pixel devices also have biometric security like face unlock for Pixel 4 and fingerprint sensor for all other devices. Smartphones also have security and operating system support, security certifications, and have Google’s own security services that scan billions of apps every day for the protection of your phone.

Google also boasts that Pixel phones can “manage devices easily and seamlessly.” A highlight is the touch-free enrollment that requires no manual setup and is good out of the box. Businesses can also configure the deployment of the phones via Management API and Managed Google Play so that you can choose which applications to distribute to the organization. At the user end, they can use separate profiles for their personal use and to work through Work Profiles.

The last aspect is “Help when and where you need it” is more focused on the consumer, as it highlights “the best of Google with the latest Android + Pixel operating system, as well as the joys of the Google Assistant, applications like Gmail, Docs , Duo, and Meet built-in. It also has an adaptive battery feature that conserves its power for the apps you need and use. There is also a call filter that prevents robocalls and callers spam. It also highlights 5G connectivity that It features Google Duo HD screen sharing.

the Pixel for Business website The Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and 5 stand out although the Pixel 4 is also mentioned. Google is also putting pressure on its business partners such as AT&T Business, Bell, Telus, T-Mobile and Verizon for companies that want to take advantage of Pixel devices for their organization .

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