Google Prompt brings dark theme, improved user interface

Many casual Internet users may not use two-factor authentication when logging into applications and websites. But it’s probably one of the best ways to protect yourself and your accounts right now. Google Prompt is probably one of the best you can use right now, aside from the actual security keys. The latest update to this service brings a much needed dark theme, as well as improvements to the user interface and message readability.

9 to 5 Google shares the improvements that came with the last update. The changes to Google Prompt were actually spotted in 2019, but have undergone various adjustments since then. And now we are finally getting the stable version of the updated app. Most notably, you now have a dark theme option that reduces the strain on your eyes from a completely white background.

Apart from the dark theme, we also get legibility and usability improvements. The main components of the message are now centered unlike the previous version on the left. So now you have the Google logo, the message “Are you trying to log in?” question and your email address front and center. Underneath, you still have the device details, the location details, and the time you’re trying to log in, but it’s still left-aligned. Not having them all grouped together is a small thing, but it improves readability.

The other improvement is in the reply part of the message. “No, it’s not me” comes with a red x mark, while “Yes” has a blue check mark. Also, both are no longer capitalized and follow the outline style of the material theme. Again, this is not a major change, but it is a nice visual improvement over the previous user interface. And both changes go well with the dark theme option if you decide to use it.

The updated Google indicator is still rolling out for users, but it seems that it is not available to everyone yet. It appears to be active on many person accounts already, but not on Workspace accounts yet.

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