Google Powers Lens in New Online Advertising Awareness Campaign

Google Powers Lens In New Online Advertising Awareness Campaign - Light Home News

Google Lens has been around since 2017 and has been a good tool for those who wanted to do visual searches more than word searches. And with Google’s continuing push for augmented reality, it will most likely play a huge role. The challenge would be to get people to actually use it. Google has now launched some pretty straightforward online ads on how and why you should use Google Lens, rather than the more “spectacular” ad experiences they previously launched.

9 to 5 Google says that this latest online ad push is a bit more functional and straightforward than previous campaigns. It has the slogan “Explore the world around you with Google Lens” and comes with a short animation of how it works. It shows how Lens can tell you that the bike you’re pointing at with your phone is a BMX bike and then ends with a “Try it now” button. Previous ad campaigns for Lens were much more elaborate, from a link to Stranger Things to print ads for Living Surfaces.

This latest ad campaign may stem from the news that Apple will introduce a similar feature when it releases iOS 15 this fall. So from now on, they are letting people know that they did it first and that they have been doing it for four years now. While this online campaign is more straightforward and simple, there is also a higher profile campaign in the UK in real life locations with a focus on
Augmented reality search.

You can find Lens in various parts of your device. You can use it in Google Photos, Google Assistant, default camera apps, as a home screen icon, and even in the Google Search app on iOS. We don’t know yet how Apple is integrating it, but it is most likely a default feature, so Android will have that against it as it is a “separate” feature built into some of the apps. Hence the need to show in online advertisements how easy it really is to use.

We can expect more announcements and demos on the joys of Google Lens soon. And if you haven’t used it lately, why not give it a try now?