Google Play Store : Joker Malware in 11 Mobile Apps, Google Play Store Removed, See List and Uninstall

• Google Play Store : After downloading in the phone, it takes a variety of premium subscriptions from the mobile number of the malware users themselves.

The Google Play Store has removed 11 apps from its platform. It is being said that Joker Malware was introduced in these apps. Joker Malware also attacked last year, but this is its updated form. This clown can download additional malware to the malware device, which in turn subscribes to many premium services without consent. In this way it posed a major threat to the safety of users. The Google Play Store has removed 11 affected apps and appealed to users to uninstall it immediately.

Apps or applications that Google Play Store has removed include –, com.relax.relaxation.androidsms, com.cheery.message.sendsms, com.peason.lovinglovemessage, texts, com.hmvoice.friendsms, com.file.recovefiles, com.LPlocker.lockapps, com.remindme.alram and According to the information, Joker has been eyeing the malware since 2017, but due to the new methods it is adopting, it was difficult to catch it. Earlier this year, Google released a list of 1700 apps, including Joker malware.

What do users do

Mobile holders are being appealed to be alert. Check your phone and keep an eye on subscriptions. If you get unknown subscriptions, close them immediately. After this, download a reliable security app in mobile.

25 data stealing apps recently deleted

Let me tell you, Google Play Store has recently removed 25 data theft apps from its platform. These are Super Wallpapers Flashlight, Padenatef, Wallpaper Level, Contour level wallpaper, Iplayer & iwallpaper, Video maker, Color Wallpapers, Super Flashlight, Solitaire, Accurate scanning of QR code, Pedometer, Powerful Flashlight, Super Bright Flashlight, Wuxia Reader, Plus Weather, Anime Live Wallpaper, iHealth step counter, Com.tyapp.fiction, Classic card game, Junk file cleaning, Synthetic Z, File Manager, Composite Z, Screenshot capture and Daily Horoscope Wallpapers.

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