Google Play Pass adds more games, still free for subscribers

Quick save of Google Play Pass

More good news is available from the Google Play team. Last December, we learned that the Google Play Pass extends to seven more countries. That was just a few weeks after learning that it will reach 24 more countries in Europe. If you have obtained an annual subscription to Google Play Pass, you may be pleased to know that there are more games available. Google Play Pass continues to provide consumers with a wide variety of digital content without the need for in-app purchases.

Literally, the Google Play Pass is your “pass” to hundreds of games and applications with no ads or other required payments or purchases. Google has listed a series of new titles that you can enjoy.

• Dead Cells ($ 8.99)
• Football Manager 2021 ($ 8.99)
• Flockers ($ 1.99)
• Teslagrand ($ 6.99)
• The gardens between ($ 4.99)
• Forgotten Ana (free)
• Star Wars: KOTOR ($ 9.99)
• Sago Mini School ($ 7.99)

Don’t worry about the prices. These premium apps are offered FREE to you if you are a Google Play Pass member or subscriber.

The company has also shared a full list of Google Play Pass titles available from February 1, 2021. They are as follows:

Premiere in Play Pass: EVO ISLAND, Fisti-Fluffs, SPHAZE – Sci-Fi Puzzle Game

Role playing game: Dungeon Village, WitchSpring3, Hero Generations

Education: English for Kids, Finger Painting Coloring Book, Happy Nursery Stories – Baby Care School Playhouse, Kids Puzzles, Funny Animals # 2 (Full Set), Mandala Coloring Pages, Sago Mini School, BabyMagica , Coloring Book +, Miffy’s World – Bunny Adventures

Strategy: Protected, EVO ISLAND

Action: Dead Cells, Mental Hospital IV – 3D Creepy & Scary Horror Game, Super Cat Tales 2, Slender Last Sleep

Arcade: Funky Karts, Orbia: Tap and Relax, Super Oscar Premium

Puzzle: Flockers, Gunhouse, Hamster Town, Shuttle Shuffle: Aliens Panic, Swapperoo, Faraway: Puzzle Escape, Mystic Pillars: A Story Based Puzzle Game, Pebble Universe
The Sequence, Strange Cases: A Mysterious Escape

Sports: Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Simulation: Game developer story

Casual: Mega Mall Story, Strawberry Shortcake Food Fair, Strawberry Shortcake Party Hair

Adventures: White Night

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